Rotary Adventure in Citizenship Program


BHS participants  – From L to R
Robert Vautour, Event Chair, Rotary Taylor Kennah, participant….& winner
Olivia Hamilton, participant
Catherine Eddy, participant
Sean MacDonald, Principal BHS, Rotarian
Gilles Deveaux Rotary President

The winner of today’s speaking contest is Taylor Kennah. Taylor got 15 first place votes out of 20 sheets collected. Taylor will be going to Ottawa in early May for 4 days to attend the 65th Adventure In Citizenship Program. I’m sure she will be a great ambassador for our club and our region.

Thank you

Robert Vautour  Regional Manager, Northern NB


Guest Speaker: 3 BHS Students speaking in Rotary’s Adventure in Citizenship Program

Bathurst Rotary club has participated in this program for some 60 years; the winning student wins a speaking contest held at a Rotary meeting, speaking on What it means to be a Canadian Citizen. Bathurst Rotary sponsors the student to participate in the Rotary Adventure in Citizenship Program, in Ottawa, May 3, 2015 to May 6, 2015, along with students from across Canada sponsored by Canadian Rotary Clubs.

The participants in order of their presentations:

  • Catherine Eddy
  • Olivia Hamilton
  • Taylor Kennah

The winner…..the envelope please…..Taylor Kennah,-  Congratulations to each participant!!!


Guestspeaker – Jim Emberger – NB Anti-Shale Gas Alliance

Jim Emberger

Shown here with Robert Vautour Rotarian:

Jim provided the Anti-Shale Gas Alliance perspective of Fracking in New Brunswick


  • Recycling of Water and chemicals (chemicals not known at outset, maybe proprietary)
  • Potential for surface and truck spills
  • Potential for casing leaks,  leaks through natural fractures
  • Potential for ground water contamination
  • Potential air pollution (may not be aware of chemicals to monitor or how to monitor)

More information:

Guest Speaker Sheri Somerville


Bernard Cormier presenting Sheri with the Rotary 4-way test pin

Guest Speaker: Sheri Somerville, Natural Gas Advisor, NB, Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers, CAPP

Sheri provided the Petroleum Producers perspective of Fracking in New Brunswick.

New Brunswick requirements very stringent, e.g. a closed system for all fracturing materials required (Water, Propane, Sand compose 89.5 % Chemicals 1.5%, industry to provide lists of chemicals, chemicals approved by Gov’t agencies). Key points, usually gas at 2,000 to 4,000 meters; aquifers at 500 meters, with reinforced casings through the aquifer zone little chance of contamination. Waste water treated to drinking water quality. Fracturing uses a horizontal drilling, greatly reducing number of surface well heads. Gas produced by fracturing in the Sussex area has been occurring for about 10 years with no major incidents.

CAPP detailed information on fracking@:

February 2015 World Travel Draw Winners

Rotary World Travel Draw Winners – February 2015


1st Prize – Trip Memories Grand Bahamas  – M Kyle  –  Sold by: Al Buzas

2nd Prize – $500 – Irving Scott – Sold by: Cletus Doucet

3rd Prize – $244 –Joan Cull – Sold by:  Bob Comeau

4th Prize – $125 Sedona Gift Certificate – Jim & Claudette Smith – Sold by:  Julien Albert

5th Prize – $125 Fashion Deck Cert –Susan Stever – Sold by: Keith Degrace

6th Prize – $100 Danny’s Gift Certificate –Ray Aucoin – Sold by:  Loftus Benjamin

7th Prize – $100 Atlantic Host Certificate –Christine Albert – Sold by:  Al Cotton

8th Prize – $100 Nectar Gift Certificate – Silvana Bosca – Sold by Silvana Bosca

9th Prize – $100 Tower’s Gift Certificate – Diane & Brian McParland – Sold by:  Brian Kenny

10th Prize – $100 Nepisiguit River Company – Paul Godin – Sold by Al Cotton

11th Prize – $100 – Isabelle Tremblay – Sold by:  Fenton Hickey

12th Prize – $50 Nectarina Gift Certificate –Penny Anderson – Sold by:  Tracy Branch



Ron Toivanen – Guestspeaker – Topic Chaleur Toastmasters

Guest Speaker: Ron Toivanen, Rotarian and Education VP Chaleur Toastmasters

Ron spoke of the hidden gem in Bathurst, the Toastmasters world renowned Communication and Leadership program.

Advantages of Toastmasters:

  • Proven and copy written educational material
  • A built in written and verbal evaluation process
  • The opportunity to practice, in a relaxed atmosphere conducive to learning

Chaleur Toastmasters, meet on the 1st and 3rd Mondays monthly between 7:00 and 9:00 pm at CCNB, at 75 Youghall Dr. Room 234 B. Guests welcome! Enjoy a meeting at no cost.

Follow Chaleur Toastmasters at: or

Guest Speaker – Guylaine Morissette Hachey

Guest Speaker: Guylaine Morissette Hachey, Volunteer, Chaleur Palliative Care Services

Guylaine spoke about the need for palliative care in Bathurst. Currently the hospital has 6 beds for palliative care which is not sufficient for those requiring palliative care. A study has been done showing that a Palliative Care facility would save money and the study has been used to lobby the NB government to support the building of a 10 bed hospice. The government has given Chaleur Palliative Care Services   a funding target that if reached, the government would provide at least equal funding. Chaleur Palliative Care Services currently provides 3 volunteer services for (In-home palliative care, volunteer; My Spirituality; A safe place, grief support. Additional information is available online:

IMG_1404 IMG_1405

Shown in Photo:  Robert Vautour with Guylaine Morissette Hachey

2015 – 2016 World Travel Draw Tickets

Friendly reminder to Rotarians and people purchasing tickets for the 2015-2016 Series, all money must be turned in prior to February 15 to ensure names get into the draw on time for the March draw.  If your seller hasn’t contacted you yet for arrangements please do so.

Good Luck!

January 2015 World Travel Draw Winners


1st Prize – Trip St. Lucia – Sandals La Toc  – Michel Savoie  –  Sold by: Sue Stever

2nd Prize – $500 – Karen Kennah – Sold by: Bob Comeau

3rd Prize – $244 –Nicolet Mario Mallais – Sold by:  Jason Moffitt

4th Prize – $125 Sedona Gift Certificate – Nathalie Dugas – Sold by:  Al Cotton

5th Prize – $125 Fashion Deck Cert –Lilianne & Eugene Doucet – Sold by: Al Cotton

6th Prize – $100 Danny’s Gift Certificate Reno Pelletier & Louise Marquis – Sold by:  Al Cotton

7th Prize – $100 Atlantic Host Certificate –Colleen Gauthier – Sold by:  Al Cotton

8th Prize – $100 Nectar Gift Certificate – Charles Sivret – Sold by Cletus Doucet

9th Prize – $100 Tower’s Gift Certificate – Fred Audet – Sold by:  Al Cotton

10th Prize – $100 Nepisiguit River Company – Charles Roy – Sold by Ian Oliver

11th Prize – $100 – Kim Butler – Sold by:  Sue Stever

12th Prize – $50 Nectarina Gift Certificate – Edith Scott – Sold by:  Robert Vautour