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Guest Speaker Penny Anderson – Coronation Park Committee

Speaker: Penny Anderson, President Coronation Park Committee

  • Penny provided a brief update on previous park initiatives
  • In 2014 the Glen Group developed a longer term vision for the park’s development
  • The next phase for development is a “Tot lot”, Penny was asking Rotary for financial help to implement the “Tot lot” project over the next few years


Guest Speaker – Kelly Gauvin – Nicaragua

Guest Speaker: Kelly Gauvin, Grade 11 student at ESN

Topic: Volunteer aide Trip to Nicaragua to build a school, (either finish a previous school building project or start a new one).  Nicaragua is the 2nd poorest nation in the western hemisphere after Haiti with low levels of literacy and lack of schools.

Aide groups are coordinating the efforts of student groups and provide funding for school construction materials and teachers once the school is built.  17 students to go, cost is $4000 per student, each student to pay half of this amount.  Kelly has raised money through several initiatives, e.g. garage sale & BBQ, running a canteen, bingo, car wash.


Guestspeaker Kelly Gauvin shown with Rotarian Adam Chamberlain

Guestspeaker – Carl Duivenvoorden

Guest Speaker: Carl Duivenvoorden, Speaker, Writer, Sustainability Consultant

He discussed the exponential growth of carbon use (coal, oil gas) not being sustainable

Continuing Concerns about not addressing the global warming issues, third world companies wishing to catch up, Trans-Canada pipeline not an answer

The big powers (China, US) conceptually on the same page on Global warming, the state of Texas generates over 50% of its power with wind turbines, Stanford University has done studies showing that wind solar and hydro power can replace fossil fuels in the near futureIMG_3256

Shown in Photo – Rotarian Gerry Legere, Carl Duivenvoorden, and Rotarian Jason Moffatt

Guestspeaker & Rotarian Frederic Lefrancois


Frederic Lefrancois, Associate VP. Commercial Banking NB

  • Spoke about the National Bank
  • Founded in 1859, in Quebec City, by entrepreneurs
  • Established in NB over 100 years
  • Unique expertise in: Commodity risk management   Business transfer financing
  • Cash flow Management, factoring and reverse factoring


Guestspeaker Paolo Fongemie, Directeur CCNB Bathurst




Shown in Photo:  Frederic Lefrancois, Paolo Fongemie, and Bernard Cormier

Paolo Fongemie, Directeur CCNB Bathurst was guestspeaker:

  • Spoke about the Crash Ice race on College Hill
  • Last year was the 1st event, organized by College, strongly supported by the Community
  • Attendance approx. 3,000…excellent
  • Red Bull sponsored, has races in Quebec, Bathurst, Germany, Finland, Minnesota
  • Last years attendance so good in Bathurst that Red Bull is sponsoring here again
  • College supports through class participation (Plumbing Welding Business etc.), Community and local businesses provide support (a real Community event)
  • International competitors, US, Canada, Switzerland, Germany Finland, Belgium, Holland, Australia
  • Total of 136 registrants so far
  • If attendance can be increased (5000) a good chance Bathurst will be on the circuit next year
  • Come and cheer the competitors on!

Guestspeaker – Allen Jagoe


Shown above:  Allen Jagoe with Bernie Cormier and soapstone carvings & Narwhale tusk

Allen retired from the RCMP and then returned as a relief officer for the Nunavut territory. Because of the sparse population (30, 000) small communities (Iqaluit the largest at 6,700) most Nunavut communities are staffed with 2 RCMP Officers, who because of the remoteness, have 2 holiday periods of 30 days. Allen, being adventuresome has stepped up to doing these rotations as there is a shortage of Officers for replacements. He shared his experiences and adventures living in the north, (high food travel and accommodation costs), enduring 24 hrs of darkness (winter) or 243 hrs of sun (summer) the bitter cold -60, ice and snow 11 months of the year. He shared the challenge of policing, the beauty of the wild life and his many souvenirs (soap stone carvings, narwhale tusk, polar bear and seal skin hides and other adventures.IMG_3099

Above:  Gilles Deveaux with Bernie Cormier where the City of Bathurst at the New Year’s Day celebration presented Bathurst Rotary for recognition of volunteer work.



Titan Team Members as Guests

Titan team representatives and organization members

  • Marc Audet, goalie, here about a month to 6 weeks, from North Bay Ontario
  • Quinton Lisoway, center/winger, here a month to 6 weeks, from Neepawa MB, recovered from a major knee injury from last year, playing in his last year of Junior Hockey
  • Guillaume Brisbois, defense, team Captain, from Montreal, 3rd year with the titan, news last week he signed an entry level contract with the Vancouver Canucks!
  • Jean-Daniel Beaudreau, Event Coordinator, from Allardville, graduated in Sport management, has participated in a number of the new programs to heighten awareness of the Titan organization


Picture left to right:  Guillaume Brisbois, Marc Audet, Quinton Listoway, Bob Comeau, Jean-Daniel Boudreau