Rotary Club of Bathurst Travel Draw results for April 2021

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1) Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, $2900 + $500, Winner- Carol McKiel, Fredericton
2) $500 Winner- Kim Butler, Bathurst
3) $244 Winner- Noel Eustace, Fredericton
4) $125 Gift certificate Captain’s Cabin, Winner – Judy Turple, Bathurst
5) $100 Gift certificate Cast & Crew Pub & Grill, Winner- Reagan Russell, Bathurst
6) $100 Gift certificate Atlantic Host, Winner- Nancy Breau, Saint-Pons, NB
7) $100 Gift card from Tim Horton’s. Winner- Sue Stever, Bathurst
8. $100 Gift certificate Nepisiguit River Co. Winner – Don Nelson, Bathurst
9) $100 Gift certificate North Shore Laundry. Winner- Brenda Knowles, Bathurst
10) $50 Gift certificate Towers Jewellers. Winner- Christine McPhee, Salmon Beach, NB
11) $50 Gift certificate Chicken King & Chinese Restaurant, Winner – Evan & Juanita Scott, Janeville, NB
12) $50 Gift certificate Catherine & Co. Winner – Rona McLean, Bathurst
Congratulations to all the winners. As always, all prizes will be sent by mail in the form of a signed voucher.
Please note: Any discrepancy between this posting and the official draw results shall be ruled in favour of the official draw results.

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