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Current Projects

Venture Van

Venture Van

Venture Van

The Venture Van provides transportation for disabled individuals.  The management and costs of operating the Venture Van are cared for by the Rotary Club of Bathurst.  To make arrangements for use of the Venture Van please contact Mr. C Bastarache at 548-8644.

Bathurst Volunteer Centre

Volunteer Centre

Volunteer Centre

The Rotary Club of Bathurst spearheaded the Bathurst Volunteer Centre, and now owns the building which houses it.

Dawn to Dusk Food Drive

Every year, Rotary Club of Bathurst teams up with Max 104.9 to hold the Dawn to Dusk Food Drive to stock the shelves of the Bathurst Volunteer Centre for the Fall season. The timing of this event is crucial, as it bridges the gap between the increased demand caused in part by increased heating bills and the holiday food drives in December.


Habitats for Humanity Project

Still in it’s “building phase”, Bathurst Rotary has teamed with Habitats for Humanity to build a home.  See link for details.

 Community Garden

2015 saw the installation of a new Community Garden with Bathurst Rotarians and Youth Center Volunteers working hard at preparing the property, building garden boxes, planting, watering and maintaining it.  The benefits will go to various groups in need of fresh vegetables at harvest time.

Garden7 IMG_0560 Dig it


Vanier Boulevard is linked to the Rotary Club of Bathurst through the Adopt-A-Street program. Every year, Rotarians of the region assemble to clean up the street.  Thanks for helping to keep our community beautiful

BBQ in the Park

In the first weekend of June every year, in conjunction with the Veterans of World War II D-Day Anniversary, our Club along with the Coronation Park Committee hosts a free BBQ in Coronation Park


Paul Harris Fellowship Banquet

Every year, the Rotary Club of Bathurst recognizes individuals within the community who put service above self by making a 1000$ USD donation in their name to the Rotary Fund.  This donation comes with a special recognition, a Paul Harris Fellowship.

Camp Rotary

Camp Rotary

Local Rotarian Terry Lenihan at Camp Rotary

The Rotary Club of Bathurst supports the maintenance of Camp Rotary on the shores of Grand Lake in New Brunswick.

General Community Support

The Rotary Club of Bathurst regularly donates and lends a hand to members of the community in need.

Youth Projects

Adventures in Citizenship

Once a year, one student is chosen from a local high school (alternating between BHS and ESN) to attend a week of activities on Parliament Hill in Ottawa.  For more info about the Rotary Adventure in Citizenship program, please click on following link:  65th annual Rotary Adventure in Citizenship Program


500$ scholarships are presented to a graduating student from each local high school after submissions of resumés and reference letters.

Youth Exchange

Each year, 2 students are chosen from our local high schools to go to another country while we host 2 students.  These full year sponsored students are selected from applications submitted to the guidance teachers.  Out-going students are selected by the Rotary Club of Bathurst.  Our Club provides monthly allowances to the incoming students, their registration to Rotary events and their meals at weekly meetings.

Merit Awards

Two students, one from each high school, are chosen each year for a Merit Award recognition Certificate and a 100$ cheque, selected from submitted resumés and references letters.

Group Study Exchange

Each year, Rotarians are invited to encourage non-Rotarians between the ages of 25 and 40 years old to go on a study exchange in another country with a small group of like-minded people.  The Rotary Club of Bathurst recruits locally for Districts 7810’s exchange group as well as accommodates the incoming group.

Past Major Projects

Occasionally, the Rotary Club of Bathurst will invest important sums of time and money into particular projects.  In the past, we have seen the purchase of the Volunteer Centre building, as well as investment into the playground equipment at the Rotary All-Access Playground at Coronation Park.

Fundraising Activities

World Travel Draw

The World Travel Draw is the Rotary Club of Bathurst’s largest fundraiser. Tickets are 144$, and twelve draws are held, one each month. The winning ticket is removed from subsequent draws, while tickets not getting the 1st prize are reentered for subsequent draws. The World Travel Draw starts over again each March.

The only way to get a ticket is through a local Rotarian. Tickets are limited, which keeps the chances of winning high.

To learn of current news and winners of the World Travel Draw, follow the “World Travel Draw” section on our blog.

Radio Auction

The radio auction occurs at the end of Fall every year. A list of prizes will appear in our local papers the week before the auction. Listeners call in their bids on hundreds of items. The profits from the auction go towards Rotary Club of Bathurst projects.

To submit a prize, contact a local Rotarian, or use our contact form.

Special Event Fundraisers

Replacing the Christmas Gala that was held annually are special event fundraisers.  2012 showcased Thane Dunn who entertained a large crowd with his Elvis Presley songs and great personality.  In 2013, we’re proud to team up to entertain Bathurst and surrounding areas with the Celebrations on Ice show in December.


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