Guest Speaker – Guylaine Morissette Hachey

Guest Speaker: Guylaine Morissette Hachey, Volunteer, Chaleur Palliative Care Services

Guylaine spoke about the need for palliative care in Bathurst. Currently the hospital has 6 beds for palliative care which is not sufficient for those requiring palliative care. A study has been done showing that a Palliative Care facility would save money and the study has been used to lobby the NB government to support the building of a 10 bed hospice. The government has given Chaleur Palliative Care Services   a funding target that if reached, the government would provide at least equal funding. Chaleur Palliative Care Services currently provides 3 volunteer services for (In-home palliative care, volunteer; My Spirituality; A safe place, grief support. Additional information is available online:

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Shown in Photo:  Robert Vautour with Guylaine Morissette Hachey