Guest Speaker Jim Chamberlain – Transition Center

Jim clearly pointed out the challenges of the Transition Centre and its objective to refocus “at risk” students to continuing their education.

The challenge in a nut shell is to find a way to connect with students whose values are not in line with that of the school and the general population. What we see as an opportunity and what the students at risk see as an opportunity are entirely different… An example Jim provided, was that of an older truck, Jim saw it as an opportunity to rebuild, repair and recondition, some of the students at risk saw it as the value of 30 lbs of copper that could be removed from the truck and sold…without permission.

The Centre continues to reach out to students in hopes of being able to influence them into a generally more acceptable set of values. The program receives funding support which is greatly appreciated. Jim feels volunteers willing to work with these at risk students would be of great value.


Shown in photo:  Carl Kenny (Rotarian) and Jim Chamberlain

20150413 Rotary jim Chamberlain 3

World Travel Draw – April 2015


1st Place – Trip      Varadero            Gordon & Monique Kane                   Seller: Fenton Hickey

2nd Place – $500 Cash                       Cindy & Alan Doucet                           Seller: Don McKay

3rd Place – $244                                 John Ball                                                Seller: John Ball

4th Place- $125 Sedona                   Lise Savoie                                             Seller: Al Cotton

5th Place – $125 Fashion Deck        Deedee Davidson / Evelyn D. Daigle      Seller: Bob Comeau

6th Place – $100 Danny’s                 Emelda Mallet & Denis Chiasson       Seller: Julien Albert

7th Place – $100 Atlantic Host         Betty & Ann Chamberlain                   Seller: Adam Chamberlain

8th Place – $100 Nectar                    Jean Charles Duguay                           Seller: Al Cotton

9th Place – $100 Tower’s                  Georgette Assaff                                   Seller: Keith Assaff

10th Place –$100 Nepisiguit River Co.              Karen Kennah                     Seller: Bob Comeau

11th Place – $50 Chicken King Chinese Palace          Carol Aube                Seller: Bob Comeau

12th Place – $50 Catherine & Co.        Arthur Lee                                         Seller: Al Cotton


Guest Speaker Peter Gummer – Junior Mining Companies


Peter Gummer (geologist), provided information on how Junior Mining companies raise funds:

Peter has been in the mining industry for over 30 years, starting as a geologist moving on to be a promoter for a number of juniors, Claude Resources SK and First Narrows Resources NB. In heading up a junior funding is necessary and the best way to get funding is with OPM (Other People’s Money. This is achieved by a company qualifying to be listed on the Junior exchange and raising money through selling shares. Raising money through shares on the stock markets is very difficult in the mining industry in general is in a down cycle, with both majors and juniors having challenges raising funds. Peter is optimistic for a turnaround in the future, with well-funded and managed companies weathering the storm and doing well …further down the road

Peter Gummer

Shown in photo with Terry Lenihan – Chairperson

Guest Speaker Mitch Poirier – Bathurst Chamber of Commerce Manager

Speaker Mitch Poirier, General Manger, Bathurst Chamber of Commerce Mitch provided updates on the Chambers activities: • A new phone application to access the site • Kathleen Lanteigne, hired for marketing the Chamber, is available on a consulting basis to Chamber members • A marketing Branding exercise is under way, to Brand the Greater Bathurst Region, emphasis on a positive message • Launched, Kit for members, to offer member discounts • In the initial stages of organizing a Wine Festival • Hope Atlantic, Volleyball Tournament organized for August 8 & 9 • A Tourism Guide scheduled for April 19 Check out the website at:


Guest Speaker Hector Pictou, Mikmaq Aboriginal Rights Advocate

Speaker Hector Pictou, Mikmaq Aboriginal Rights Advocate

Hector spoke on the Constitution, Indian Act and their impact on women. Hector had been a delegate during the Trudeau government’s amendment of the Constitution in 1983. Hector pointed out that a Constitutional amendment required at least 7 provincial Premiers to be in favour of the changes.  Shown in Photo:  Hector Pictou with Rotarian Bruce Vienneau

20150316 Hector Pictou thanked by Bruce Vienneau


Guest Speaker – Ian Oliver

CanGlide manufactures a product, the Slidler, an improvement and replacement for idlers on conveyor systems. Features and benefits: longer life, reduces maintenance and maintenance costs, increases belt  life, is safer, wear is easily observed reducing break down repair costs, has a higher ROI. Works well in heavy industrial settings, mining, quarrying, pulp and paper.

Check it out:

World Travel Draw March 2015


1st Prize – La Romana – Grand Bahia Principe  – Alice Hebert  –  Sold by: Greg Ireland

2nd Prize – $500 – Louise Blanchard Lavigne – Sold by: Carl Kenny

3rd Prize – $244 –Greg Castle – Sold by:  Julien Albert

4th Prize – $125 Sedona Gift Certificate – Linda Ferguson – Sold by:  Bob Comeau

5th Prize – $125 Fashion Deck Cert –Janice Blackett – Sold by: Adam Chamberlain

6th Prize – $100 Danny’s Gift Certificate –Marie Line Leblanc – Sold by:  Al Cotton

7th Prize – $100 Atlantic Host Certificate –Karen Frenette – Sold by:  Sue Stever

8th Prize – $100 Nectar Gift Certificate – Sylvie Lavigne  – Sold by Al Cotton

9th Prize – $100 Tower’s Gift Certificate – Frank Pettigrew – Sold by:  Bob Comeau

10th Prize – $100 Nepisiguit River Company – Kim Scott – Sold by Jason Moffitt

11th Prize – $50 Chicken King –  Barb Whatlon – Sold by:  Fenton Hickey

12th Prize – $50 Catherine & Co. –Lynn Arseneau – Sold by:  Sue Stever


Guestspeaker Leo Leblanc – Alzheimer’s Disease

Guest Speaker: Leo LeBlanc

Leo, spoke about the challenges of living with a person with Alzheimers.  Often the early signs are not readily recognized, it can strike at any age, it is more prevalent in the female population, in most cases there is no cure, just a continuing deterioration, there are changes in personality (aggressiveness, blaming). While the disease is hard on the person with the illness…it can be very hard on the partner and other family members, they too should have psychological counselling. In today’s age there is much better care when an individual is in a specialty care unit where care givers are trained specifically in caring for people with Alzheimers.

More information at the Alzheimers Society Canada: