Helen Knowles Guest Speaker at Jan 5 meeting

Bernie Cormier presenting Helen Knowles, with Rotary pen with Rotary 4 Way

Helen is Team leader, Servant’s Heart Ministries, a mission to
Dominican Republic. She spoke about the missions work.

Mission for  the Dominican Republic, based out of Bridgewater NS, volunteer Board in NS, close management of funds and fund dispersal. Support children, education and health, can sponsor a child for $29.00 per month, education and all necessities covered

More information and additional program information available at: http://www.servantsheartdr.org/#
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65th Annual Rotary Adventure in Citizenship Program

The Rotary club of Bathurst will be sponsoring one BHS student to attend the 2015 Adventure in Citizenship Program in Ottawa next spring (May 3 to May 6, 2015).  As always, we will hold a “speaking contest” at one of our Rotary lunch (February 16, 2015) and the members will select the winner of the contest and send him/her to Ottawa all expenses paid. The 3 BHS students participating to the “speaking contest” have to deliver a 5 minute speech on the same topic same topic ie. “What does it mean to be Canadian”.

For more info about the Rotary Adventure in Citizenship program, please click on following link:  65th annual Rotary Adventure in Citizenship Program


Guest Speaker Kevin Symes – Guest Kevin Robichaud

Kevin Symes

Presentation by the Canadian Deaf and Blind, Executive Director, Kevin
Symes;  Shirley Burke, Intervenor, Bathurst; Sarah DeBay, Intervenor,
Moncton; Client Steven Robichaud

Intervenor, Sarah Burke, is working with Kevin Robichaud
of Moncton who is blind plus has Spina Bifida. Saraha is working on  getting
a computer for Kevin with a program for voice recognition so he
can integrate into the workforce.


World Travel Draw Tickets 2015-2016

TIckets will soon be available from Bathurst Rotarians for the 2015-2016 World Travel Draw.  TIckets are offered to people who purchased the previous year, then offered to people on the waiting list.  12 prizes to be drawn per month with 1st place prize being the World Travel Draw Trip.  Thanks for your support in the past and hoping to sell all of the limited number of tickets offered again this year!

World Travel Draw Winners December 2014

World Travel Draw Winners December 2014

1st Place – Trip  Denise Pitre & Omer Glazier   -Cancun Secrets of the Vine    Seller:  Al Cotton

2nd Place – $500 Cash                         Charline Ouellette & Guy Desilva    Seller:  Bob Comeau

3rd Place – $244                                    Donna & Rocky Anstey                       Seller:  Al Cotton

4th Place- $125 Sedona                      Patricia Doucet                                    Seller:  Gordon Pitre

5th Place – $125 Fashion Deck          James Doucet                                       Seller:  Sue Stever

6th Place – $100 Danny’s                   Lorraine Knowles                                Seller: Al Cotton

7th Place – $100 Atlantic Host           Patricia Buzas                                      Seller: Al Buzas

8th Place – $100 Nectar                       Roger Frenette                                   Seller: Al Cotton

9th Place – $100 Tower’s                     Carol Comeau                                     Seller: Vicki White

10th Place –$100 Nepisiguit River Co.  Suzanne Foran                                Seller: Fenton Hickey

11th Place – $100 Cash                       Anna Albert                                           Seller: Julien Albert

12th Place – Nectarina                        Bob McKinnon                                    Seller: Rita McGrath

Guestspeaker Pat McCarthy – CEO Recycle NB


20141117 Pat McCarthy, CEO Recycle NBDate: 17 November 2013

Shown in Photo:  Vicki White presenting Pat McCarthy with honorary gift

Chairperson: Carmel Hickey

Guest Speaker Pat McCarthy, CEO Recycle NB

Recycle NB, is a province wide agency to manage waste reduction programs for designated materials and provide environmental stewardship for New Brunswick.

Recycle ND currently Manages 3 prime recycling programs:

Tires; since 1996, a $5 million dollar value business, with $1 million diverted from land-fill (98%)

Paint; since 2008-2009, a $1 million dollar value business, 62 tons recovered, recycling through retailers.

Oil and glycol; new initiative Jan 2014, in its infancy

Future areas, Electronic waste and packaging and printed paper

Local municipalities, regional areas conduct their own recycling programs for materials not included in the Recycle NB program. Recycle NB works with the industry encouraging them to implement industry run programs.