Guestspeaker – Allen Jagoe

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Shown above:  Allen Jagoe with Bernie Cormier and soapstone carvings & Narwhale tusk

Allen retired from the RCMP and then returned as a relief officer for the Nunavut territory. Because of the sparse population (30, 000) small communities (Iqaluit the largest at 6,700) most Nunavut communities are staffed with 2 RCMP Officers, who because of the remoteness, have 2 holiday periods of 30 days. Allen, being adventuresome has stepped up to doing these rotations as there is a shortage of Officers for replacements. He shared his experiences and adventures living in the north, (high food travel and accommodation costs), enduring 24 hrs of darkness (winter) or 243 hrs of sun (summer) the bitter cold -60, ice and snow 11 months of the year. He shared the challenge of policing, the beauty of the wild life and his many souvenirs (soap stone carvings, narwhale tusk, polar bear and seal skin hides and other adventures.IMG_3099

Above:  Gilles Deveaux with Bernie Cormier where the City of Bathurst at the New Year’s Day celebration presented Bathurst Rotary for recognition of volunteer work.



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