Over $1,000 worth of vegetables from Rotary Garden donated to the Bathurst Food Bank

Our final harvest for the season is complete.
irenee garden donation
Kudos to our head gardener, Irenée Robichaud (pictured above, with Michel Godin of the Food Bank), for all his efforts.
ron with carrots ron and carmel garden rita and lloyd gardengarden volunteers
Our final harvest included 63 pounds of cabbage, 52 pounds of carrots and 44 pounds of turnips.
peter with carrots garden crew  garden crew 2denise garden
Overall this season we were able to donate over $1,000 worth of vegetables to the Bathurst Food Bank.
terry and brian garden peter and rita garden
A HUGE thanks to Irenée and all of our volunteers – both ‘Rotarians’ and ‘Friends of Rotary’!